Cosmetic Treatments

For patients without gum problems, I am able to offer the latest cosmetic techniques to enhance your smile. By paying attention to the soft tissues as well as the teeth I am able to create natural, beautiful smiles with and emphasis on longevity and health.

Case 1 shows a patient who did not like the appearance of her teeth following orthodontic treatment. She disliked the appearance of her side teeth and the spaces between the lower teeth. She also complained of showing too much gum on her right side, making her smile look uneven. With careful planning and understanding the causes of the problems, I was able to transform this smile using some simple gum moving techniques, minimally invasive veneers to her 4 front teeth and some simple white filling additions to her lower front teeth to close the spaces. I think you will agree, this is a stunning result!

Case 1

For many patients who have suffered with gum problems, it can leave you with teeth that do not look as good as you would like them. Many of periodontal patients, once their gum health has been secured, request cosmetic improvement of their teeth. This needs to be done with great care in patients who are susceptible to gum disease to minimise the chance of disease recurrence.

My extensive experience in this field allows me to help patients improve their appearance without compromising their dental health.

Case 2 below show a patient who had developed spaces between his teeth following successful treatment of his gum disease. In this case we applied some simple white filling material to the teeth to close the spaces and improve the appearance. It is crucial that this is done with care to prevent spaces that cannot be cleaned and cause the gum disease to recur.

Case 2

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